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MI Procurement is a government consultancy specialising in procurement solutions. We develop software to facilitate and enhance public sector buying, and to manage frameworks. We are a subsidiary of Mi Concepts, which is the wider business platform for developing a range of modern business innovations.

We aim to create connections that mutually benefit public and private sectors through accessible, online procurements and frameworks. Online tendering opens the market to contractors and suppliers that previously would have found the paper process expensive and cumbersome. We endeavour to make online tendering as simple and secure as possible, whilst maintaining government standards.

Not only does this drive business towards underused SMEs and micro-organisations, but it reduces costs for the public sector. It encourages competition and innovation, and links localised projects with suppliers best equipped to deal with them.

Our team has first hand experience of procurement in the upper echelons of management in public and private sectors. We have delivered nationwide projects for commercial firms, and orchestrated multimillion pound developments of complex, publicly-owned sites. Drawing on these experiences, we recognised an opportunity to simplify the procurement process and enhance delivery for both sectors.

We also offer bespoke procurements, as well as additional project management, performance monitoring and associated services. We integrate technology and business acumen to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. Please do get in touch, as we would love to hear from you.

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Our Values


Experience means recognising what methods work best and why. Innovation is about striving to seek out what works better. We take an informed approach, and then implement new and improved methods.  We strategise by taking into account the broader economic landscape as well as fine operational details.


We aim to deliver best value for money for the public sector, and to benefit private companies by creating viable opportunities. We act with integrity on behalf of public sector clients, upholding stringent standards and regulations, whilst encouraging business to flourish and maintaining strong relationships.


We investigate complex processes, regulations and operational methods in detail. Then we refine and streamline them to improve efficiency and performance. A little knowledge of something can be inhibiting, but true understanding opens doors. We listen to clients and personnel to optimise performance in practical ways.