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M.I.Procurement is a government consultancy specialising in innovative procurement methods, coming from a background of first hand experience in both public and private sectors. We draw on a wealth of public and private sector experience to offer an innovative, streamlined service to the mutual benefit of our clients and suppliers.

Technical Director Gerard Wackrow has decades of experience working in the field on numerous projects from redevelopment schemes to complex restacks, encompassing project management, CDM and procurement services for public and private entities. Recognising an opportunity to simplify the procurement process, and deliver better value for money whilst harnessing small-to-medium sized businesses, Gerard created M.I.Procurement in 2015.

Following on from that initial inspiration, the company has now developed in-house software to meet the contemporary demand for procurement and contracts management. We integrate technology and business acumen to provide comprehensive and effective solutions.

We are a diligent but small team, dedicated to achieving the best for our clients. Our skills are diverse but interlinked, and we draw on knowledge and experience to provide effective, cost efficient outcomes. We look to build mutually beneficially relationships, and to work tactically to achieve optimum results.

Our Values


We take an innovative approach to everything we do. We strategise by taking into account the broader economic landscape as well as fine operational details. We create a comprehensive picture and then use this knowledge to come up with effective solutions.


We aim to deliver best value for money for the public sector, and to benefit private companies by creating viable opportunities. We act with integrity on behalf of public sector clients, upholding stringent standards and regulations, whilst encouraging business to flourish and maintaining strong relationships.


Efficiency comes from a willingness to investigate the way things are done and improve upon them. This takes first hand experience and detailed knowledge, as well as a continued drive to innovate. We are always looking to optimise performance using both pragmatism and contemporary thinking.